What is Inbound Marketing

  • It is a process of earning people's interest instead of pushing interruptive messages.

  • It integrates sales with various forms of digital marketing like Search Engines, Social Media, Content Marketing, Blogging, Marketing Automation etc.

For Startups and Small Businesses

The best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

Why Inbound For Business?
Want more qualified leads?
A sustainable way to attract new customers?
Struggling to make Digital Marketing work?

How does it help?
Differentiate & Build Your Brand.
Attract The Customers You Want.
Nurture Lifetime Relationships.

Who is it for?
Designed for businesses who want to do Digital Marketing, but are not sure how to make it work or simply cannot afford marketing agency’s services.

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Introduction to Lotus Inbound Marketing & Sales Model

In this intro session, you’ll learn the philosophy and technology, followed by the NO-BS marketing strategy to build your sales engine.

For Working Professionals/ Students

Boost your career with Inbound Marketing Certification

Why Inbound for Professionals?
Fastest growing industry globally.
Shortfall of skilled inbound marketers.
High growth prospects with handsome remunerations.

How does it help?
Kick start your career
Increase your professional market value
Differentiate yourself amongst other digital marketers

Who is it for?
Working professionals
Students/ Freshers
Freelancers/ Work-from-home Moms

Register For Free Intro Session
Using the link below to learn how our unique training model can work for your professional growth.

Introduction to Lotus Inbound Professional Course

In this intro session, you’ll learn the philosophy and technology, followed by how to make a successful career in Inbound Marketing.

The Lotus Media Team

With over 17 years of experience in digital marketing, he brings both depth of knowledge and wisdom to develop remarkable inbound marketing strategies.

Paresh Patel

Founder & Chief Strategist

Over 7 years experience in SEO and now an Inbound Certified Professional, he is well versed with all aspects of digital marketing and now adds the inbound chops to it.

Vishal Vanwari

Inbound Marketing Specialist

An outbound-turned-inbound marketing professional, with over 7 years experience in the technology sales space.

Gaurav Patel

Inbound Sales Specialist

Content is King and Blog is Kong, that's what he believes as a Social Media Expert for over 5 years.

Kaustubh Gunjikar

Content & Social Media Specialist

With a degree in engineering, Pankaj took off on a creative field of SEO and social media. With an experience of 5 years, he brings to the table digital strategy making, understanding and implementation.

Pankaj Kale

Inbound Trainer

A passionate writer who strongly believes in a statement that Inbound Marketing is the next big thing.

Sourabh Kulkarni

Inbound Catalyst

If you are a Startup or Small Business?

Learn how Inbound Marketing can work for you.

If you are a Working Professional / Student?

Learn how to build your career with Inbound Marketing.