Decide which social platform you should be on in just 4 simple steps

You must be all excited and pumped up to create an effective digital presence by being on the apt social platform. But when you were exposed to the gamut of the social platforms out there, I know how overwhelming it gets to choose the right platform, trust me! I have been there. In fact, it gets more complicated than the complicated option in the Facebook Relationship status.

Social Media is a most vital medium for most of the businesses today as the customers are more educated and well informed. Eventually, social media has become an icebreaker for a customer to trust a brand.

Choosing the right social platform is just like choosing the right circle to socialize and hang out. But in both the cases one lousy decision will affect your future & in this case, your company’s future.

Relax!! These 4 simple steps will help you evaluate the best social platform for your business.

Define : The most crucial step before evaluating the right social platform is to define your business and also your target audience, which will require an in depth research of your customers to know their buying behavior, attributes, likes, dislikes and so on. This will aid you in creating personas for your business.

Analyze : Now that you know about your target audience, analyze on which platform are they present, and also on which platform are they actively interacting with other businesses.  

Evaluate : Being omnipresent might not be always a boon. Once you know where your target audience is, it is up to you to understand what is your primary purpose to be on any social platform and evaluate the best platform which complies with your primary purpose.

Weigh & Execute : By now, you have got a fair idea of what your primary purpose is, and also an evaluated list of the social platforms that you have to be present on. The final step is to weigh the unique attributes that every social platform offers, and opting for the ones that match your requirement.

And Voila!! You are ready to execute your effective digital presence.    

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