Lead Generation : 6 Digital Marketing Mediums

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It was a typical Monday morning and as usual I was sitting at my desk going through the list of prospective leads that my marketing and sales team had put forth, the list was either painstakingly stagnant or had a very little growth.

Usually in situations like this I get disappointed with my marketing and sales team and pressurise them to work harder and provide me with a better results, but for once, I wanted to get to the roots of this and understand what exactly is the problem.

The results that I found, led me to change my approach towards marketing completely and my company’s growth has been escalating phenomenally since then, and eventually with the best practice, generating leads was a piece of cake to my marketing and sales team.

Infact I have jotted down 6 best mediums of effective lead generation for you, I am sure this will help you in generating not only more leads but qualified leads as well.

Here we go!!

Google Ads:
Google is the market leader of search engines with 3.5 billion searches per day, being present on such a platform opens you up to a plethora of opportunities. And the most quickest way to reach your prospects is through google ads.

Facebook Ads:
The world’s largest social media allows you to advertise your business to your prospects through a scrutinized evaluation of your audience to reach out to the right customer.

LinkedIn Connections: Linkedin is by far the most professional platform where you can build qualified connections and referrals to generate qualified leads.

Twitter Ads: Twitter is comparatively cheaper than other PPC and it will guide you in selecting your niche and understanding their needs and provides you with qualified prospects list.

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SlideShare: Slideshare is one of the most potential platform to be present on right now, with content marketing phenomena taking over the market rapidly, and SlideShare being the world’s largest professional content sharing community

Email Automation: Email automation lets you plan every step of your Email drip campaign to reach out to your prospects in a most effective way, with a minimalistic efforts.

Here are 6 of the most effective & proven ways to generate highly qualified leads for Startups & SMB’s, These 6 simple mediums once executed properly will take your lead generation game to a whole new level.

Watch our free webinar on The Inbound Sales System

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