Marketing and selling for the 21 st century

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Changing times call for changing measures. This applies to marketing and sales perfectly. Three simple questions will tell you the whole story. What? Why? and How?

Why we need to change?

There are multiple reasons. The most important ones are:

  1. Changing consumer needs and mindsets

  2. Globalization

  3. Privatization

  4. Digitalization

  5. E-Retailing & so on

What changes need to be made?

It is simple. What do you do when your wife is ignoring you? You give all your attention to her and woo her in the most unique ways. Apply this concept.

Customers are taking deeper interests in purchasing. It is mostly about quality, service and value of offering for them unlike old times when merely price decided fate of companies. To deal with times like this, marketers need to focus complete attention on the consumer. Personalisation is the new revolution.

Watch our free webinar on The Inbound Sales System

How do we implement these changes?

Age old concepts itself pave way to manage the new challenges. Marketing concept & holistic marketing particularly form the base  for the future of effective marketing strategies. So far, You built your business successfully, yet you have sales challenges that limit your growth. You’ll need to transform your sales process that is efficient, effective and matches the way your customers buy today.

With these basics in mind we also need to keep the following facts in mind:

We are living in an era where interests are shifting from TV to online shows, mobiles have replaced big bulky monitors, Facebook is preferred over socializing with a neighbor and email address defines your existence.

It’s not just girls who have options anymore, consumers have a lot of options too, make sure they choose you.

Communication has reached a whole new level and so has creativity. Be different.

Existence on social media is sometimes more trusted than existence in reality. Use a lot of it.

Many Indian businesses  are still vacillating between their old reality and the new reality of marketing. By delaying the inevitable, they are being left behind by innovative firms who are ready to sprint ahead of their competition with the revolutionary opportunities open to them through inbound marketing.

Many business owners & marketers have experienced that inbound marketing is a viable growth strategy for their particular business in today’s competitive world.

The rate of change inside should be faster than the rate of change outside”, follow this one moto to stay ahead of the curve.

Watch our free webinar on The Inbound Sales System

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