Why you should not outsource your Digital Marketing

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You have a great product and your business is all set to take off, congrats! But your true quest will start now as manufacturing is easier than marketing. So start marketing aggressively now. Do it. Don’t leave any stone unturned. What about digital marketing? Thinking of hiring an agency? Think again.

We give you 7 reasons why you shouldn’t :

Island Module ineffectiveness:

Outsourced digital marketing work in island modules where SEO, SEM, SMM (etc) all are working without any synchronization or mutually shared set of goals and targets, which cuts back the effectiveness of the digital marketing.

Communication flaw:

Having an in house team will speed up the communication process where you don’t have to wait for the approvals and vise versa whereas an outsourced digital agency will face the issues of prolonged communication process.

Slower response to situations:

Your own team is up-to-the-minute in tune with what’s going on in your business. They can respond faster to new situations and market conditions, and understand right away which areas of your business are affected. An outside agency can be very responsive, but they only know as much as you tell them – or remember to tell them.

Watch our free webinar on The Inbound Sales System

Your own team has a better understanding of your company, products, services, and customers than any outsider. Hence they can be more proactive.

Not possible to achieve tight integration:

For best results, a marketing program should have offline tactics that support digital campaigns and vice versa. It requires close coordination to get your message out via social media, forums, blogs, print, and advertising. Not all agencies and businesses manage to achieve such close collaboration.

Lower Business intelligence:

This is related to domain knowledge which you have better than any agency. When your own marketing team performs analytics, they have more context when it comes to interpreting your data.

Risk of redundance of ideas:

Agencies handle multiple clients. Even though they are creative, there is a risk that certain activities may get repetitive and the optimum amount of focus will not be dedicated to your company goals.

And that’s why, you may consider outsourcing your manufacturing & do marketing on your own. This will become your biggest differentiator, which your competitors will find difficult to catch up with.

Watch our free webinar on The Inbound Sales System

So if you are thinking of digital marketing here are some do’s and don’ts