The one thing you wish your competitor doesn’t know

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Hey, wanna hear a story, I was hanging out with few of my college friends after a decade or so. Everyone was married and had businesses to take care of or in some cases jobs to tend to. After a couple of drinks and some random discussion, they started sharing how the present market scenario has become extremely competitive and what is that might differentiate their business from others and also generate more leads than ever before.

After listening to their present marketing strategies and methodologies, I realized one thing, these people were already doing 10% of inbound marketing because inbound marketing is the most logical and practical approach towards today’s marketing scenario. It’s no secret that digital marketing is white hot. Recent studies have shown that 60% of companies are doing inbound marketing in one way or another, including 73% of marketing agencies.

So the one thing that your competitor doesn’t know and which can yield you high growth is full fledged Inbound Marketing to your business.

Some of the highlights of why you should opt for Inbound Marketing:

1. Customers have gone invisible: So stop chasing them and be there for them when they are looking for you.

2. CLV (Customer lifetime value) is more important than CPA (Cost per acquisition)

3. Funnel is more important than the process: Increase the size of your funnel as that will take your lead generation game to a whole new level.

4. Content is the new currency in Digital marketing: The present customer mindset and the marketing strategies share one common perspective, which is “More content = More Customer (No BS)”

5. Personalization does matter: Personalization will bring the customers closer to your brand.

6. Increase leads to fill your sales pipeline: The very basic mantra to increase the sales is increase the leads and also the quality of the leads.

7. Closing is not the end of the process: Closing is no more the climax in the present marketing scenario, in fact closing is the threshold to nurturing and evangelism stages of a customer.

8. Have an in-house team for an effective Inbound marketing: Have an in house inbound marketing team rather than outsourcing it to avail the most effective results.

Watch our free webinar on The Inbound Sales System