Thinking about Digital Marketing? Here are some do’s and don’ts

Gone are the days when hardcore traditional marketing alongside some optional digital marketing was enough to survive and grow in the market. Customers have undergone a paradigm shift in the way they purchase a product or service. Hence digital marketing has become a compulsion for any business growth.
Here are some of the important do’s and dont’s for making the best of digital marketing for your business.


1. Bet on more than one horse: Always keep yourself updated about the new platforms coming in (Snapchat) & other trending platforms (Instagram). The best of digital marketing can only be achieved through investing in varied platforms.

2. Strategist your presence don’t just be omnipresent: Do maintain your presence where your target audience are actually looking for & focus your energy in nurturing them rather than being present in all the digital marketing verticals.

3. Mobile first methodology: Customize all your Marketing materials adaptable to mobiles due to the massive increase in mobile users.

4. Listen to your audience intently: Always know what people are saying & try to identify their pain-points, their goals, views and respond to them with helpful content.
Listen to your Competitors: Keep yourself updated of what’s happening in your field, and what your competitors are doing.

5. Lookout for the influencers: Influencer marketing is a big thing, identify the major influencers in your field and follow them and eventually make your business visible to them.

6. Follow a systematic posting hygiene: Don’t just be a passing cloud, maintain a level consistency in your social media & blog postings.


1. Don’t jump the gun blindly: Either consult a specialist or hire a digital marketer or opt for some course for the best ROI on your Digital Marketing.

2. Don’t work in Islands: Don’t waste your time and money working with multiple vendors for your digital marketing, inhouse integrated digital marketing works better.

3. Don’t start without a proper strategy: Digital marketing without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder. It will reach nowhere.

4. Don’t think that SEO is old school: At the end of the day, it’s your organic search that will get you closer to your business’s growth.

6. Don’t anticipate the results right away: be patient and eventually enjoy the returns.

7. Don’t spam them: Don’t flood your audience with advertisements and promotions.