The ultimate guide to digital marketing for startups

It is rightly said, “Creating a product is easy; marketing it is the real challenge.” So for all you folks out there, starting fresh with an innovative idea, here’s your guide to the real challenge. This article will surely make digital marketing simpler for you.

1. Understand your audience:

Before you start with any marketing activity, it is necessary to know the needs of your audience, what stimulates them and what will divert their attention to you. A solid research of your audience is a must

2. Set objectives:

Set SMART goals and make sure you reach them. Once you have a schedule to match up to, directing the marketing activities becomes easier.

3. Focus on keywords:

Do an extensive keyword search. This will help you design your website in a way that it attracts maximum traffic.

4. PR:

Keep a positive image online. Stay in touch with your followers. Post consistently and post useful and positive stuff.

5. Drive organic traffic:

Organic traffic is free and once you have it, it remains stable. But you need to be patient as it is a slow process. You require on page optimization, off page strategy to drive links. SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It is an ongoing process


6. Content marketing:

Good content is your key to goodwill. Sharing useful content will drive traffic to your site and also influence other bloggers to mention you. So keep sharing awesome original content regularly.

7. Social media:

Stay active on all social media platforms. It is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to gain attention of the masses. Most companies start social media marketing enthusiastically but give up very soon and fade away gradually. It takes time to show results in these matters so hang in there.

8. Communities:

Join relevant communities and take time to build strong relationship with its members. This will play a huge part in building your brand name and securing customers. It will prove to be significant for you.

9. Guest blogging:

Share free blogs with bloggers who already have an established audience. Their readers will become an added audience to you.

10. Use Influencers:

Influencers generally have a large number of followers. Their opinions matter. If an influencer promotes you or merely mentions you, it will create a trust factor among audiences. This is very good for a new brand as it needs recognition and trust the most.

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